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Old Mission Gazette currently has nearly one million pageviews monthly, and readers spend an average of 30 minutes on the website. A newsletter is emailed several times weekly to 6000+ subscribers, and we also have an active and engaged readership on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Interested in advertising your business on Old Mission Gazette? Email Jane Boursaw, founder and editor,, for more info.

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  • Display Ad on Old Mission Gazette website (see size and placement options below).
  • Display Ad in newsletter, emailed several times weekly (6000+ subscribers; 65 percent on the OMP). See an example here.
  • Mentions on Our Social Media AccountsTwitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Listing in Business Directory (see an example here) – Includes up to 250 words, one photo, address, email, phone no., and website link.
  • Listing/Icon on OMP Interactive Map (see it here) – Includes pop-up info box when icon is clicked, with up to 250 words, one photo, address, email, phone no., and website link.


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    Old Mission Gazette 300×230 Ad

    Premium Display Ad, 300 x 230 pixel ad, right sidebar on home page and all article pages.

  • $100/mo.
  • $570/6 mos. (5% discount)
  • $1080/12 mos. (10% discount)


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Old Mission Gazette 640×90 Ad
  • Premium Display Ad, 640 x 90 ad, top of every article on the website.
  • $150/mo.
  • $855/6 mos. (5% discount)
  • $1620/12 mos. (10% discount)


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Old Mission Gazette 728×90 Ad
  • Premium Display Ad, 728 x 90 pixel ad, in banner at top of every page of the website, including the home page and article pages.
  • $250/mo.
  • $1425/6 mos. (5% discount)
  • $2700/12 mos. (10% discount)


Sponsored Article: To pitch a stand-alone sponsored article (not associated with the above ad packages), please email Jane Boursaw at Our rate for sponsored posts is $300 and includes promotion on our social media channels and email newsletter. The post stays “live” forever and may include a story/interview about your business, with links and photos.


For more info on any of the above, please email Jane Boursaw, Old Mission Gazette Editor, Learn more about Old Mission Gazette here.

*In celebration of the historic Hessler Log Cabin, located next to Mission Point Lighthouse. 


Jane Johnson Boursaw, Old Mission Gazette
Jane Johnson Boursaw | Scarlett Piedmonte Photo

Old Mission Gazette is an online newspaper based on the Old Mission Peninsula, north of Traverse City, Michigan. We publish Old Mission Peninsula news, thoughtful editorials, rich history (including six generations of the editor’s family), stunning photos, profiles of Peninsula people, recaps of Peninsula Township meetings, a calendar of Peninsula events, an interactive Old Mission Peninsula map, a directory of Peninsula businesses, vintage Peninsula recipes, book reviews by local authors and more.

Founder and editor Jane Johnson Boursaw is a lifelong resident of the Old Mission Peninsula who grew up on a cherry farm. Her brothers, Dean Johnson and Ward Johnson, continue to farm about a thousand acres in cherries, apples, grapes and other produce on the Peninsula.

On the wall of the Peninsula Township Hall hangs a plaque highlighting a lifetime of community service by Jane’s dad, local historian Walter Johnson. Her mom, Mary Johnson, played the organ for 50+ years at Old Mission Peninsula United Methodist Church and has served on the Peninsula Community Library Board, Old Mission Women’s Club, OMP Historical Society and other OMP organizations.

Six generations of family history, paired with Jane’s 35-year career as a photojournalist with the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and many other publications, brings a unique and trusted vision to her role as editor of Old Mission Gazette.

Read more about Jane here, and check out Jane’s World, where she writes about growing up on a cherry farm, marrying the boy next door (Tim Boursaw), and raising two kids (Will and Marissa) on the Peninsula.


advertising, old mission peninsula, McKinley Hill, peninsula township, planning commission
McKinley Hill on Center Road | Jane Boursaw Photo

A variety of advertising packages are available on Old Mission Gazette for companies and individuals offering products and services for those who live, visit or work on the Old Mission Peninsula or in the Grand Traverse area.

Display ads, business profiles, listings in our business directory and interactive map, placement in our email newsletter, sponsored posts, and social media shout-outs are just a few of the options.

Current monthly traffic stats on Old Mission Gazette include 950,000 pageviews and 114,000 unique visitors. Readers spend an average of 30 minutes on the website. A newsletter is emailed several times weekly to 6000+ subscribers (65 percent on the Peninsula, 30 percent in the Grand Traverse area, and 5 percent elsewhere). We also have an active and engaged readership on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.


(, 2016; does not include summer residents)

  • Population Estimates (July 1, 2015): 5797
  • Median Age (2014): 56.5
  • Total Housing Units (2014): 3337
  • Median value of owner-occupied housing units (2011-2015): $333,800
  • High school graduate or higher, persons aged 25+ (2011-2015): 97.4%
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher, persons aged 25+ (2011-2015): 62.5%
  • Median household income (2011-2015): $70,632
  • Businesses (2012): 716
  • Veterans (2011-2015): 609

To discuss your particular advertising needs, email Jane Boursaw,