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June 28, 2015: High Water at the Lighthouse

High Water at the Old Mission Lighthouse | Jane Boursaw Photo, 2015
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A couple of years ago, there was a nifty trail on the little piece of land that cropped up in front of the Old Mission Lighthouse. I loved walking out there because the trail went all the way to the end, at which point you’re basically standing out in the middle of West Bay. You could turn around and see the Lighthouse back on shore in the distance. It felt like you were smack in the middle of a Hitchcock movie (but without the terrifying birds).

But I snapped this pic today when Mom and I stopped out there after church for Log Cabin Day, and the water is so high right now that you have to wade out to get to that piece of land (which is exactly what some people were doing). Maybe I’ll venture out there in the near future and see if there’s any trail left on that piece of land.

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