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July 31, 2015: Boat Sculptures at Dennos Museum

Dennos Museum Exhibit | Jane Boursaw Photo
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Between films at the Traverse City Film Festival tonight, I wandered into the main area of the Dennos Museum and snapped a picture of this exhibit. I’m not sure who the artist is – and don’t see it listed on their current exhibits page – but it’s a very cool display of what seems like balsa wood and paper fashioned into boats and other sculptures. Someone chime in below in the comments section if you know more about the exhibit and artist.

By the way, the films were “Labyrinth of Lies,” an excellent German film about the conspiracy of prominent Germans to cover up Nazi crimes during World War II, and “The Connection,” a French film about a French police magistrate who spends years trying to take down one of the country’s most powerful drug rings. It’s basically the French version of “The French Connection.”

Yes, it was Foreign Crime Film Night for me. Sometimes you just need a good crime movie with subtitles.

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