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Adorable Kittens! Free to Good Home!

Free Kittens!
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My neighbors have four adorable kittens that needs loving homes. Here’s the scoop from their Facebook page:

“We are once again looking for forever homes for these kittens. Four of the rescued kittens we thought we gave away are back home with us (3 orange/white guys & 1 tortoiseshell gal). They went to homes that had other cats, but the kittens turned out to be positive for FeLV. FeLV+ cats should not live with FeLV negative cats (for fear of virus transfer). Sooooo, a perfect home is one that has an existing FeLV+ cat or one that wants new INDOOR-ONLY kittens.

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“FeLV+ cats should not be outdoor cats. I don’t know much about cats, but someone who explained it to me likened it to the AIDS virus. No other animals/people can catch it. Cats can only transfer it to each other by cat-to-cat fluid transfer. This “auto-immune” virus only lives for a couple of hours once any fluid (saliva, urine, feces, etc.) leaves a cat. Apparently a cat may be a carrier, but may not ever be affected by the virus. Their environment should to be extra protective (indoors) and their food high quality to live a good long life.”

If you’d like one (or three or four) of these kittens, call Pat and Deb at (231) 223-4633.

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