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August 11, 2015: Wabi-Sabi Yacht in West Bay

Wabi-Sabi SuperYacht in West Bay | Jane Boursaw Photo

Everyone’s buzzing about this magnificent yacht anchored in West Bay for the past few days. By “buzzing,” I mean talking about it on Facebook and wondering whose it is. Someone did some digging, and my Facebook friend Marti Martha Johnson posted this screenshot on her page. Apparently, it’s the Wabi Sabi, owned (maybe) by Arthur Kubert, CFO at Lakeview Capital Management.

I did a little snooping of my own, and learned that yes, that is indeed the Wabi-Sabi, because the map over at MarineTraffic.com puts it in Traverse City right now. Cool, huh? We can actually track where all the super-rich people are in their yachts anywhere in the world.

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