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August 23, 2015: Wildflowers in Old Mission

Lovely Wildflowers in Old Mission | Jane Boursaw Photo
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My mom has always been famous for saying she can’t bear to rip the weeds out if they have lovely flowers on them. Why shouldn’t a beautiful weed be given just as much space on the planet as a well-groomed flower?

After church today, Mom and I picked up soup from the Old Mission Tavern and went to her house. In the front yard down near the water are these lovely weeds flowers, and I had to wander down there and grab a photo. You can see East Bay in the distance.

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  1. Aunt Mary my inspiration as well…the bachelor buttons along side our mail box has garnered many inquiries…I look forward to the wild asters Fall bloom in our front yard. (Will try to attach pics to your blog?)


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