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#RealityWednesday: Here Is My Messy Desk

Jane's Popcorn Bucket | Jane Boursaw Photo
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Jane's Messy Desk | Jane Boursaw Photo
Jane’s Messy Desk | Jane Boursaw Photo

Continuing my #RealityWednesday mode (click here for the origins), here is my messy desk. This is a tough one, because while I often whine about how messy my desk is, it makes me cringe to actually show you a picture of it.

But … sick husband, getting two kids into college, work stuff, life stuff, yada yada. The desk has been a low priority lately. I usually do a clean sweep every month or two, so I can function. As you can see, that hasn’t happened lately.

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If you take a closer look, you’ll see:

A popcorn bucket from, uh, last weekend’s movies. It’s a great deal from Carmike, by the way; buy the bucket for $18 (or something like that), and it costs only $3.50 (or something like that) to fill up when you go to the movies. I see two or three movies a week for work, so I get my use out of it (though try not to consume too much movie popcorn, in general).

DVD and Blu-ray releases that need to be reviewed.

Assorted coffee cups, post-it notes, papers, and … a whole bunch of other stuff.

Really, it’s hard to function with this desk, so I’ve got to give it some attention this week. That is all.

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