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#RealityWednesday: Here’s My Neglected Flower Garden

Neglected Flower Garden | Jane Boursaw Photo
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After chatting with some friends recently about the fact that everyone on Facebook seems to be having a better time than me, I’m hereby starting #RealityWednesday (I didn’t come up with the name – hat/tip to my FB friend, Diane Selkirk for that one, and kudos to her for living life on her own terms as she sails around the world with her husband and daughter).

So #RealityWednesday – it’s about real life, people. Messy desks, stalled plans, cars that won’t start, yada yada. Today’s #RealityWednesday is brought to you by my neglected flower garden. See photo above.

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The ladder is there because Tim cleaned out the gutters after the MegaStorm, and then leaned it up against the side of the house with the intent to fix a siding issue on the upper part of the house. Of course, it fell over. No matter, though, since there’s no flowers there to worry about. At the far end of the “garden,” you can still see some branches that came down in the storm. We cleared out the driveway so we can get up and down it – that’s the important thing, right?

Also there is a rototiller, which really isn’t needed at the moment since the storm wiped out Tim’s little vegetable garden on the other side of the house. There’s a catamaran trailer that’s been listed on Craig’s List a couple times, but no takers, so there it sits. I have no idea where it came from. The lawn hasn’t been mowed because after the storm, Tim ended up in the hospital a couple times with gout.

And some bikes that haven’t been ridden because no time, since we’re dealing with storms, medical issues, trying to work and keep some cash flowing in, yada yada.

Below is another view – in this one, you can see the ancient John Deere tractor and trailer we inherited from my mom (I think). In the back of the trailer are some trees that the son brought home to plant from … somewhere … (you can see how that’s working out).

Also some jumper cables because our Jeep had this issue where none of the inside dome lights would turn off so we had to disconnect the battery every time we parked so it wouldn’t drain down (during Tim’s hospital stay, I took out all the inner lights – problem solved).

And an old boat motor that came from a Boursaw shed down the road, because where else should it be other than our yard? The lawn isn’t mowed because … gout. And I just don’t have time to deal with it or money to pay someone else to do it. I’m thinking about just planting perennials around the yard and turning it into a zeroscape area. When I get the time.

Believe me, this is just the tip of the iceberg of what’s in our yard, but I’ll leave it there for now. Happy #RealityWednesday.

Neglected Flower Garden | Jane Boursaw Photo
Neglected Flower Garden | Jane Boursaw Photo



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