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#RealityWednesday: Here Is Our Messy Basement aka Decluttering Our Way Out of Debt

Jane's Messy Basement and Futile (but not impossible) Task | Jane Boursaw Photo
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So my husband and I decided to declutter and sell our way out of debt. Lord knows there’s enough stuff in this house to probably pay off the mortgage. We just need to get a little organized, figure out how and where to sell stuff, and then be able to get TO the stuff to move it and sell it. That last part is the most challenging.

Since we’re both musicians, we’ve amassed a lot of music gear, amps and other music-related stuff over the past 50 years that don’t really get enough use to warrant hanging around for the next 50 years. A violin (me) and guitar (him) and one or two amps is really all we need. Some other needy musician could benefit from our clutter.

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So we decided the first thing to go would be an old Sunn amp. Tim listed it on Craig’s List for about a week and didn’t get any takers, so the next option was to haul it into Marshall Music in Traverse City and have them sell it on consignment. Yeah, we didn’t know they took consignment either. They’ll be sorry we know that.

Of course, the amp is way back in the far reaches of our seriously cluttered basement, so that meant clearing a path so we could get it out of there, up the stairs, into the Subaru and in to Marshall Music.

Despite the futile nature of that task (I mean, seriously, look at the photo), we did prevail, and the amp is now sitting at Marshall Music with a price tag of $800 on it – if you know of anyone who might be interested. The guys at Marshall all swarmed around it, so it must be a pretty good amp.

Jane's Messy Basement | Jane Boursaw Photo
Jane’s Messy Basement | Jane Boursaw Photo

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  1. Good for you for taking the lead on decluttering. It is such a thankless, tough job – except, of course, when you start to sell off some of the stuff that’s just been sitting there. Hope you see some of that soon!


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