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Sept. 10, 2015: Mary Johnson and Reva Greilick at the Old Mission Tavern

Longtime friend Reva Greilick and Mary Johnson (my mom) at the Old Mission Tavern | Jane Boursaw Photo


We had the great joy of meeting Reva Greilick for lunch at the Old Mission Tavern. I love that she calls and wants to get together with mom once or twice a year.

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We’ve been friends with the Greilicks for as long as I can remember. In the way-back machine, the Johnsons and Greilicks used to get together for Christmas at one or the others’ house. Then Reva, who’s such a brilliant artist, taught mom and I how to oil-paint. She’d come down to the house every week or so, and we’d paint.

I’ve been friends with all the Greilick kids forever, and I’m so happy I still get to see them on Facebook, especially my beloved Laurel.

Oh, and I almost forgot the Old Mission Hen Party: Mom, Reva, Joyce Gore, and Ann Fouch (am I missing anyone?) would get together and … go do stuff. Lord knows what that group got into, but if Ann was involved, anything could happen and probably did. 🙂

I have a feeling that neither Mary (my mom) or Reva, who by the way is Russell Gore’s daughter, would be thrilled to see their photo here, but you’re both beautiful and amazing, and I hope you know that.

P.S. I should mention that Reva’s last name is Newman now, although in my head, I still think of her as Greilick. 

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