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Sept. 13, 2015: East Bay Water from the Kayak

East Bay Water from the Kayak | Jane Boursaw Photo
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Here’s a photo of not only one of my favorite activities – kayaking – but also one of my favorite places to be – East Bay. About half-way through the summer, I realized that I’d only been in the kayak twice, so I’m making a concerted effort to make sure I’m out there several times a week.

This was a lovely afternoon, and the water was absolutely perfect. I love it when the water isn’t too wavy, because it’s a little easier to lug along my good camera and take photos. When it’s wavy, I’m always worried about accidentally dropping my camera into the water.

Of course, I’m always swamped in work and feel like I can’t “take time” to kayak. But you know what? The work is always there when I get back. So make that your mantra for getting outside and doing fun things: The work will always be there when you get back. I promise it won’t go anywhere.

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