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Sept. 9, 2015: Bay Street and the Return of Heddy Sue DeYoung

Bay Street in Old Mission | Jane Boursaw Photo
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It may not look like much, but Bay Street in the heart of Old Mission is magical. I have so many memories of this little street when I was a kid, including playing with one of my best friends, Betsy Duverny (not sure if that’s the correct spelling), who lived on Bay Street.

Mlujeak’s, Teter’s, Ida Bee and the DeYoung’s were other residents there at the time. In fact, not too long ago when we mailed something at the Old Mission Post Office, we realized that we were talking with Heddy Sue DeYoung, who was filling in for the regular postmaster. What a delight! She said they moved out of Old Mission when she was in about the fifth grade, but now she lives somewhere in the area (on the other side of town, I believe…?).

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We love walking down Bay Street – especially in the fall – and it’s such a joy to walk by Ida’s old house and see a young family there with little ones running around. There really aren’t a lot of young families out here, so it’s especially great to see them.

Ah, Bay Street.


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