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Oct. 11, 2015: Crop Walk 2015 – Marge Long, Janet Swanson & Crew

CROP Hunger Walk 2015: Tiffani Long, Marge Long, Janet Swanson and Marcus Long from OMP United Methodist Church | Jane Boursaw Photo
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Today’s Photo of the Day is brought to you by CROP Hunger Walk, an amazing event that helps to feed kids, provide water, and keep families fed and healthy across the globe.

After church every Sunday, Mom and I always grab some soup from the Old Mission Tavern and head to her house to have lunch and watch Family Feud. So when I left there today, I texted Marge Long to see where they were on the walk, and then met up with them (on the corner of Washington and Rose Street, for anyone keeping track) to grab a photo.

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Several members of Old Mission Peninsula United Methodist Church participated in the 4.7-mile walk, including, in the photo, Tiffani Long, Marge Long, Janet Swanson and Marcus Long (Tiffani and Marcus are Marge’s grandkids). “What a beautiful day to stroll through T.C.,” Marge noted on her Facebook page.

CROP Hunger Walk’s tagline is “Ending hunger one step at a time,” and it’s something that anyone can participate in. At OMP United Methodist Church, Pastor Melody even includes a “CROP rock” – those who are unable to do the walk can rock in a rocking chair!

From the CROP Hunger Walk flyer:

As you take each step in the CROP Hunger Walk, imagine that you’re in Kenya, walking to get water that you’ll carry back home in a 5-gallon ferry can balanced on your head. Your family needs this water for drinking, bathing, preparing meals or watering the garden or livestock. Whatever the reason, 5 gallons of water weighs about 42 pounds, and you may have to walk miles to get it.

Having to use so much of your valuable time to carry water keeps you from growing more vegetables, raising more livestock or developing a business. There is only so much time in a day.

There’s a solution, and you can be part of it. CROP Hunger Walks help Church World Service work with communities to determine the best solution to their challenges. It could be a sand dam to help provide water, micronutrient packets to feed children, or tools and seeds to help keep a family fed and healthy.

Small steps can make a big difference:

  • $12 can provide 200 micronutrient packets for malnourished children.
  • $30 can drill one meter of a shallow borehole well – providing save, clean water for a community.
  • $110 can provide a family with an emergency food package in times of disaster.

Visit CropHungerWalk.org to donate or sign up! Way to go, OMPUMC walkers!

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