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Oct. 14, 2015: Jane’s New Haircut and Nikki from Salon Verve

Jane's New Haircut, Courtesy of Nikki at Salon Verve | Jane Boursaw Photo

Sometimes you just need a haircut. A fresh ‘do to give you a burst of energy. That’s how I felt last night, so I went online and booked an appointment for noon today with Nikki at Salon Verve.

I don’t have a particular stylist there that I see every time; it’s usually just whoever’s available. But they’re ALL fantastic, and I love what Nikki did with my hair today. I showed her a picture of Meg Ryan and said, I think I want this. And that’s exactly what she gave me. Check out Nikki’s portfolio here.

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And I feel energized! Because my hair was getting long and it was just making me feel old all of a sudden. I also love that Salon Verve is reasonably priced, very earth-friendly, uses organic products, recycles the hair clippings in gardens, etc., and everyone is always really friendly there.

Thanks for the new ‘do, Nikki! And also for agreeing to be my Photo of the Day. (We made sure to coordinate our glasses.) 🙂

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A lifelong resident of the Old Mission Peninsula, Jane grew up on a cherry farm (Johnson Farms), married the boy next door (Tim Boursaw), and raised two kids there (Will and Marissa). Her 35-year career as a photojournalist includes bylines with the New York Times and Ladies' Home Journal, and interviews with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. But she loves writing about the OMP most of all.


  1. There’s nothing like a new haircut to make you feel fresh and ready to conquer the world. I always feel lighter when some of my hair is cut off…it’s also nice to know the salon recycles its clippings!


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