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Oct. 18, 2015: The Tuttles Bring Their Shore Station In

The Tuttles bring in their shore station | Jane Boursaw Photo
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Any time the weather is nice and the waves aren’t too ridiculous, I’m out in that kayak. Because as they say on “Game of Thrones,” winter is coming.

And today was just such a day. When I got back from church and lunch with mom, the sun was out and the waves weren’t too wavy, so I paddled around the cove in my kayak.

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Of course, when I spotted the Tuttles – Dave, Donna and crew – taking in their shore station, I had to paddle down there and supervise. They all did a great job, and I must say, they were also very entertaining. There was a whole comedy drama thing taking place – water in someone’s waders, lost pins in the water, and a handy grabber thingie, to name a few.

And no, Donna is not trying to push Dave out to sea, as you might surmise from the photo, but I was slightly worried for Dave’s safety a few times (he’s the one sitting by the boat). Thankfully, by the time I paddled back, the shore station was on shore and things were looking good.

Thanks for being my Photo of the Day, Tuttles. I know you’re super thrilled about it. 🙂

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