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Oct. 24, 2015: Pumpkin Carving at Boursaw’s

The Annual Pumpkin Carving (l to r): Sherie Boursaw, Jane Boursaw (aka "Jane Louise") and Jane Boursaw (aka "AJ") | Bryce Boursaw Photo
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Thank goodness for my wonderful sister-in-law Sherie Boursaw, who keeps the fun in holidays with annual Easter egg coloring, Christmas cookie baking, and Halloween pumpkin carving.

As you can see by the photo, the pumpkin carvers are thinning out as all the kids in the family get older and head off to college and work. But hey, us die-hards are keeping the tradition alive! And it was so fun to just sit and yak about this and that through the afternoon, drinking coffee and eating donuts, without having any particular time frame to adhere to.

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But never fear! My Will is driving up from MSU next weekend specifically to carve pumpkins at “Grammy J’s,” and I believe my other kid Marissa is trying to get off work to join us. So look for more pumpkin pics down the line as we get closer to Halloween.

In the photo above, that’s my pumpkin on the left, Sherie’s in the middle, and Jane’s on the right. Sometime I will write about the three Jane Boursaws in the family, but the short story is that I’m “Jane Louise” (or “Jane the Weasel” if you’re Diane or Michelle), my sister-in-law is “Jane Ann,” and our mother-in-law is “AJ.” Janes rule.

Thanks to Bryce Boursaw (“Uncle Bo”) for taking the photo.

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