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Oct. 28, 2015: The Blackmore House is Missing

The Blackmore House is missing | Jane Boursaw Photo
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On our way to town today, we noticed a major disturbance in the force on Bluff Road. The Blackmore house is missing. Seems like it was just there yesterday! Because it was! Or at least, sometime in the past few days.

Mrs. Blackmore (Shirley) was the secretary at Old Mission Peninsula School when I went there during the 1960s and 70s. Always calm and reassuring in any crisis I might have conjured up in my childhood head. In later years, I’d see her out walking along Bluff Road every day, without fail.  

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The kids, who we went to school with, were always so nice. I believe Nancy Blackmore was in my sister Carol’s class. Donna was a few years older than me, but I recall one time when she helped get our horses back to the barn after they got loose. I don’t remember the details, but it was very much appreciated at the time.

Anyone know the whereabouts of the Blackmores now? And were there three girls in the family? Seems like there was an older Blackmore girl, but I can’t remember her name. Someone remind me in the comments below.

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  1. There was a third girl – Bonnie. She was in my class at OMPS along with Shirley Cosgrove, Lorrie Warren, Jean Long, Kathy Fouch, Jim Ferguson, Kelli Jamison, Cathy Carroll, Shelly Lyon, Ted Bee, Brian Christopher…. to name a few. We all turned 60 this year, to give you an idea of age.? The last I knew, Bonnie and her husband lived south of TC in a sub by 3 Mile. My husband and I lived a few houses down. But that was back in the early 80s. I remember Mrs. Blackmore in the office. And you are right – she was always calm and supportive.

  2. The Blackmore girls were as follows ..oldest to youngest. Linda , Nancy , Bonnie and then Donna, the youngest. Bonnie and I were good friends and Mrs. Blackmore was a great friend to my mom Mary Lyon. We lived up over the hill and thru the cherry orchard and it was nothing to walk to each others house or I would ride my horse over. Always had a great time hanging out with the Blackmore girls , Hoag girls and Ferguson boys. Mrs. Shirley Blackmore and my mom were our Brownie leaders also. Great memories.Sad to see the house disappear.

  3. My dad (Rick Whitehead) is a cousin of Donna, Bonnie, Linda, and Nancy. He is Bonnie’s age and they were very close in childhood and throughout their teens and 20’s. They lost touch years ago and he is hoping to get back in contact with them. Does anyone know what any of their married names are? Also, does anyone know what happened to Shirley Blackmore? Any information would be great! My email address is [email protected]. Thanks


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