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#RealityWednesday: Here Is Our Faux John Deere Tractor

Tim and Jane's Faux John Deere Tractor | Jane Boursaw Photo
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Today’s #RealityWednesday post is courtesy of this adorable John Deere tractor and trailer. Except it’s not really a John Deere tractor. It’s some other lesser known name, but when Tim picked it up at a yard sale some years ago, our then young son loved John Deere tractors so much that Tim painted this one green and stenciled “John Deere” on it.

The tractor has been through several motors, and the one that’s currently on there came off an old wood chipper at the dump (our favorite place to go “shopping” for free stuff). Now the tractor is doing a great job grading the driveway and helping us haul wood for our as-yet-to-be-installed woodstove.

Bay View Insurance of Traverse City Michigan


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