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#RealityWednesday: Here Is Our Snowplow Truck (aka Tug’s Truck)

Tim and Jane's Snowplow Truck | Jane Boursaw Photo
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I saw on the news today that snow is heading our way. I actually love snow and winter, except for the fact that it would be great if we could get our woodstove chimney installer (hopefully) to call us back. Help us, Trevor Beardsley, you’re our only hope! (Yeah, I don’t mind naming names. Plus, he and Tim shook on it!) 🙂

At any rate, aside from the chimney issue, snow also means we need to get our snowplow truck shored up, since we live on the top of a bluff and our driveway is somewhat long and curvy.

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Last winter, our previous snowplow (you can see it in the distance on the left in the photo) died on us about halfway through winter. So we basically just gave up and plowed our way through the snow with our car (which, thankfully, is a 4WD Jeep Cherokee). At one point, we were probably driving through a foot of snow with the Jeep, and of course, even with a 4WD, there are various times during the winter when we end up hoofing it up and down the driveway (good exercise).

But we have high hopes for the red truck in the photo above. I don’t know what year it is. Sometime from the last century. At one time, it was Tim’s Dad’s truck (Tug), and we somehow inherited it after Tug passed away. We were all worried about coming up with a plow truck this year, and then Tim decided he could get Tug’s truck running well enough to shift the plow over and plow the driveway with it. I believe that wooden bumper was a Tug hack. He was resourceful that way.

Oh, and that white garbage bag in the photo? That’s full of returnable cans that Tim’s collected while driving to and from Traverse City. He refuses to drive by ten cents on the side of the road, and always uses the money for new guitar strings. And apparently, there are still a lot of beer drinkers out here who drink and drive (I know – yikes), and then just toss the cans out of the window when they’re done. Who does that?! This isn’t the 1950’s, people, when folks just tossed their trash out of the car window (not to mention the whole drinking and driving thing)!

Anyways, we’re doing our part to clean up Peninsula roads (and get Tim those guitar strings).

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