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Nov. 1, 2015: Old Stained Glass Window at OMP United Methodist Church

Old Stained Glass Window at OMPUMC | Jane Boursaw Photo
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I play violin at the OMP United Methodist Church every Sunday, and I always sneak back into the office area to tune. It’s always so cool to see the stained glass window from the original building still there.

All my years growing up, I looked at that beautiful window every Sunday during church, and I’m glad they left it when the church was restored several years ago. Because of the church’s new configuration, people don’t normally see this window unless they’re back in the office for something (or looking at it from the outside of the church; I think you can still see it from outside).

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But it’s just a great reminder of how cool it is to still be a part of this church where I was raised since birth. Love my church and my church family.

As a side note, my mom played the organ in this church for 50+ years, so it’s doubly cool for me to be playing music there every Sunday.

The rest of the band is Michelle Zebell on piano, Keith Long on guitar, Bob Roberts on bass, and Tyler Long on trumpet. Janet Swanson plays the organ and jumps in on piano when we need her.

Anyone know who made this old stained glass window? I think Paul Welch did the windows on the front of the church (the old entrance – not sure where those windows are now), but I’m guessing he didn’t do this big window.

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