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Photo of the Day: Dec. 29, 2015 – Here’s the Wood Stove

Jane's Refurbished Wood Stove | Jane Boursaw Photo
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Here’s the wood stove for the never-ending wood stove project. It’s a Jøtul (pronounced Yodel). “Crafted in Norway, Built in Maine,” says the company’s website, and I’m guessing both of those places know quite a bit about wood stoves.

Plus, it’s adorable. I told Tim we should paint it like R2D2.

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As mentioned yesterday, we’re so close we can practically feel the heat coming off that stove. The space is cleared, the parts are here, the stove is ready … we just need our chimney guy to come out and install the chimney. He was supposed to be here today, but didn’t show up. But he DID call us yesterday, so I have hope that unlike the others, he’ll come through … I hope… that wind sure has been whipping off the bay lately…

P.S. To my brother, Dean: Yes, I know I still owe you 50 bucks for the stove. But you want your baby sister to be warm, right? Right?



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