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#RealityWednesday: Here Is My ‘Linen Closet’

Jane's "Linen Closet" | Jane Boursaw Photo
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Ok, first of all, the idea of calling this area a “linen closet” makes me burst into laughter. There are no “linens” here, at least not the kind my mom’s generation had – you know, table cloths, beautiful chenille bedspreads, cloth napkins and the like.

Plus, it’s not a closet. Apparently, when we designed and built this house, we forgot that we would need places to store things. But it’s ok, because I bought this nifty shelf unit at Target about ten years ago. Problem solved.

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Linen Closet Dec 2015
Jane’s “Linen Closet” | Jane Boursaw

The shelves sit in our laundry room, which is upstairs on the second floor – same floor where all the bedrooms are. So even if we didn’t think about storage, we had the foresight to figure out that all the dirty clothes would be on that floor. Yay. No carting everything into the basement like we did in my parents’ house when I was growing up. (My mom’s washer and dryer, by the way, are now in her kitchen – another yay).

As far as what’s on the shelves, well, you can see that it’s a cluttered mess of sheets and blankets that I keep meaning to straighten up and purge. Evidently, whenever any sheets or blankets get washed, they’re just balled up and thrown at this shelf willy-nilly. But at least they’re clean, so there’s that.

On the top shelf are my bags and purses. My mom kept those on the top shelf of her closet, but since this is my “closet,” that’s where they go. (I do have a closet where actual clothes are hung elsewhere, so there’s that. However, there are no doors on that closet, nor a built-in place to hang things. As with the “linen closet,” that closet has a freestanding hanger thingie I bought at Target. Whatever, it does the job.)

You can’t see it, but to the left of the “linens” is an ironing board. We clear it off if we need to iron something for a funeral or wedding. And while I’m thinking of it, I also have a sewing machine that I bought brand new years ago. It’s in the basement. It’s never been used. Not once.

It’s becoming clear that most of my #RealityWednesday posts involve clutter. Are we seeing a pattern here?

Oh, by the way, here’s a neat 2016 Declutter Calendar I downloaded today. Through that link, there’s one for January 2016 and one for the entire 2016 year. I’m going to get into that Clutter-Free Hall of Fame one way or another.

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