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Minutes: Jan. 14, 2016 – Special Town Board Meeting

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Meeting called to order at 5:30 p.m.
Roll Call
Township Board: Correia, Rosi, Avery, Weatherholt, Hoffman and Byron
Absent: Witkop (excused)
Also Present: Michelle Reardon, Director of Planning and Zoning, Claire Schoolmaster, Planning and Zoning Coordinator and Deb Hamilton, Recording Secretary
Approve Agenda
MOTION: Weatherholt/Byron to approve the agenda as presented.

Brief Citizen Comments – for items not on the Agenda
Cristin Hosmer, 17593 Shii Take Trail, commented on the possible closing of Old Mission Elementary school.
Linda Stegenga, 2896 Bowers Harbor Rd., asked the Board to create an ordinance to accommodate Bowers Harbor Vineyard.

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Conflict of Interest: None

Consent Agenda
1. Reports and Announcements (as provided in packet)
A. Officers – Clerk, Supervisor, Treasurer
B. Departmental – Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, Attorney, Engineer, Library, Fire Board, Park Commission and Township Deputy.
2. Correspondence (as provided in packet)
3. Edit lists of invoices and additions
4. Meeting Minutes
December 8, 2015 Special Joint Meeting-Fire Board & Township Board and Regular Township Board
5. December 2015 Payroll
Byron asked for a report on The 81 on East Bay and the Cooney/Kahn issue. Reardon said regarding The 81 on East Bay oral arguments were late December and hope to have decision by mid-January. Correia said Wendling and Graham are working with Cooney on the Kahn issue. Byron said she would like clarification about Wendling’s January 11, 2016 memo. Weatherholt said Byron can call Wendling directly for clarification. Rosi said at the January Planning Commission meeting Bowers Harbor Vineyards’ SUP was tabled. Nine people spoke at the public hearing on Mari Vineyards. The item was tabled to the February meeting.

MOTION: Weatherholt/Byron to approve the Consent Agenda.
Roll Call Vote: Rosi-yes. Weatherholt-yes, Correia-yes, Hoffman-yes, Byron-yes and Avery-yes


Villa Mari Water Main Acceptance
Brain Boals, Township Engineer, said this is the completion of a water main extension from Underwood Ridge to the winery property. The water main has been inspected and tested. Construction records drawings have been reviewed. All other documents such as lien wavier, bond and easements are in place. Boals recommends acceptance of water main into the township system. Rosi said the letter from Mansfield needs more clarification.
MOTION: Rosi/Byron to approve Villa Mari water main acceptance with clarification in Mansfield letter.
Roll Call Vote: Weatherholt-yes, Correia-yes, Hoffman-yes, Byron-yes, Avery-yes and Rosi-yes

Hawthrone Vineyards Disaster Relief Request
Reardon said in front of the Board is a letter from Hawthorne Vineyards and a supporting letter from Duke Elsner. Byron asked about a blanket exception. Reardon said she would like to talk to counsel about a blanket exception and will put the issue on the agenda for a future meeting. There was discussion about reporting percentages versus tons.
MOTION: Weather/Byron to approve Hawthorne Vineyards disaster relief request.
Chateau Chantal Disaster Relief Request
MOTION: Hoffman/Avery to approve Chateau Chantal disaster relief request.

Tree Removal at Bohemian Cemetery
Hoffman said request came from Bob Wilkinson, Buildings and Grounds regarding the tree that came down at Bohemian Cemetery. The tree is three trees that have grown into one big tree. A third of the tree has come down and the rest has been weakened. It has been reported to the insurance and need bids to remove damaged portion and possibly the rest of the tree. Byron asked if the rest of the tree could be saved. Hoffman will check on that issue.

Planning and Zoning Coordinator 90 Day Review Recommendation
Reardon said she provided the Board with memo in the packet. Reardon recommends removing Schoolmaster from probationary status.
MOTION: Hoffman/Byron to recommend increasing Schoolmaster to the amount discussed when she was hired and make it retroactive to January 5, 2016.
Roll Call Vote: Correia- yes, Hoffman-yes, Byron-yes, Avery-yes, Rosi-yes and Weatherholt-yes

Request from Park Commission Regarding Consumers Energy Damage at Pelizzari Natural Area

Hoffman said this request came from Park Commission. There were issues at Pelizzari Natural Area with Consumers Energy driving on and partial off the easement and trimming some trees.

Byron said the Park Commission should talk to the local representative. There was Board consensus to have the Park Commission talk to local Consumers Energy representative.

Citizen Comments

Brad Lyman, 18420 Center Rd., asked the Board to designate a liaison to the group that is trying to keep Old Mission Elementary from closing. Mr. Lyman also commented on the ISO Report.
Board Comments

Hoffman handed out possible budget meeting dates. Rosi asked for budget material before budget meetings.

Avery asked about the status of the safe boat. Hoffman said there is an email today about that issue. Avery asked about Bayshore Marathon. Reardon said official application is due at the end of the month. Correia said the decision about the Fire Department and the boat should be made simultaneously. Correia reported on the Drainage District meetings.

MOTION: Avery/Weatherholt to adjourn at 6:26 p.m.
Respectfully submitted by Deb Hamilton, Recording Secretary
These minutes stand to be approved at the next meeting scheduled for February 9, 2016

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