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Photo of the Day: Jan. 23, 2016 – Ed Brown

Our dear friend Ed Brown | Don Brown Photo
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Our dear friend, Ed Brown, is home and being cared for by family and hospice, so we stopped by to say hi and talk about the apple and mulberry trees in our driveway.

Tim and I have known Ed all our lives. He was Tim’s bus driver at Old Mission Peninsula School (we’re talking 50-some years ago), and Ed has always been a strong, quiet presence in my church.

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Tim and I always talk about how we probably wouldn’t have the life we’ve had without Ed, because we bought our property from Ed and his wife Jo around 1990. They no doubt could have gotten more from another buyer, but we made an offer and they accepted it. Ed said he wanted us to have it.

So all the pictures I post of our beautiful property and beach and East Bay and kayaking … those are all because of Ed.

Ed is just one of those really good people, and we’re so lucky to have him in our lives all these years.

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