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Photo of the Day: Feb. 27, 2016 – Log Home in Manton

Log Home Manton
Log Home in Manton | Jane Boursaw Photo
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Here’s another pic from our Manton road trip. I love this little log home, which has the same square-log structure as our log home here on Old Mission Peninsula.

In fact, we got our logs from a place in Summit City, and to get to this little structure, you drive to Kingsley, turn left, turn right on Summit City Road, and drive south several miles (I think it’s Summit City Road). So who knows, maybe our logs and these logs were milled at the same place.

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I call this a “log home” even though I don’t think there’s anyone living there. But “log structure” sounds too impersonal for this cute building.

Every time we drive down that way, I’m always reminded of how much “more” there is to Kingsley and Manton than just “that little place on the other side of Traverse City.” There are some really cool things out that way. Perfect road trip to hit some back roads, see silos and horses and barns, and get a new perspective for a few hours.

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