Home Photo of the Day Photo of the Day: Feb. 29, 2016 – Stone Homestead in Kingsley

Photo of the Day: Feb. 29, 2016 – Stone Homestead in Kingsley

Stone Homestead Kingsley
Stone Homestead in Kingsley | Jane Boursaw Photo
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Happy Leap Day! And Happy 16th Birthday to my hubby. We love birthdays around here because, well, when things are almost cut short years earlier, you realize how awesome each new birthday is. Growing old rocks!

To celebrate, here’s another pic from our Kingsley/Manton Road Trip. I would love to know the story of this stone homestead on Summit City Road (I think it’s Summit City Road). The entire place is made of stone – garage, home, even a shed out back with a beautiful stone peace sign on the side of it.

I wonder if the owners ever get tired of people stopping to take pictures. If so, sorry about that, because I couldn’t go by without taking a few!

Bay View Insurance of Traverse City Michigan


  1. These are my neighbors and in the winter they turn on a light and the deer’s nose (red) turns him into Rudolph! Amazing people. They love the publicity!

  2. The previous owner accomplished all this beautiful work! He’s a stone mason who has a beautiful craft/skill! Still lives in the area.


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