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Photo of the Day: Feb. 14, 2016 – Rocko Fouch, Good Guy Extraordinaire

Rocko Fouch
Rocko Fouch, All Around Good Guy | Amy Lyman Photo
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Today’s “Photo of the Day” comes to us courtesy of Amy Lyman, who sent along this photo of Rocko Fouch clearing snow out of the neighborhood driveways. “He often makes surprise visits to keep us cleared!” says Amy.

I can attest that Rocko Fouch is indeed one of the good guys. I’ve known him and his family my entire life. I used to tag along when my parents would go over to see Rocko’s parents, Ann and Howard, when I was just a wee lass. The Fouch kids, Johnson kids (my family of origin), and Boursaw kids (my hubby’s family) all grew up in school together.

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And of course, Ann and Howard were cherry farmers just like my family. Ann was a fixture at the Johnson cooling pad (where the cherries are cooled), when she hauled cherries in from their farm. Like my own parents, Ann and Howard had that whole “opposites attract” thing going. Howard was quiet and steadfast, and Ann was never afraid to speak her mind. I miss both of them dearly.

We also grew up in the same church together, Old Mission Peninsula United Methodist Church. In fact, when Mom and I got to church on Valentine’s Day, Rocko and his wife Pam were handing out little bags of sweet treats to everyone. They truly are angels here on earth.

Thank you, Pam and Rocko, for all you do! I’m so glad to call you lifelong friends.

And thanks to Amy Lyman for sending the photo along!

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  1. I worked for Ann and Howard in the Cherry Orchard growing up; babysat for Rocco’s kids and Dan’s Kids. Great pic and article!!


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