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Photo of the Day: Feb. 9, 2016 – Snowshoes!

Snowshoes! | Jane Boursaw Photo
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I’ve discovered snowshoes, and my life is complete. One of my yoga buddies loaned me her snowshoes to check out, and I feel like my whole world has opened up to me.

I haven’t been getting outside in the winter as much the past few years, mainly because it’s slippery out there, I don’t have good winter walking shoes, I’ve got cross-country skis but no ski boots, yada yada.

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But I strapped these snowshoes on (they’re Tubbs, and I love them) and trekked back in the woods like nobody’s business. You can go anywhere in these things. They’re pretty easy to walk in, but they’re also a good workout, which is great for this sedentary body that spends way too much time parked in a chair staring at a computer.

Now I have to save up and buy my own pair. Look for lots more winter landscape photos coming up! Just think of the places I’ll go! I’m out there with the snow bunnies (as you can see in the photo)!

P.S. I realized when I got back that I had the snowshoes on the wrong feet. No matter – they worked great anyway.

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