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#RealityWednesday: The Desk is Clean!

Clean Desk
Jane's amazingly clean desk | Jane Boursaw Photo
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I’m bucking the trend of my #RealityWednesday posts and showing you a picture of my clean desk. Yes, clean. Not messy. For now. I even vacuumed and everything.

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I was forced to clean the desk because I needed to find all my tax docs. In the photo above, you can see that little pile of papers underneath my computer monitor, where my Mom and son are smiling at me. “Yay,” they’re saying. “Good job on cleaning your desk!”

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Of course, now that means I need to actually DO my taxes, which hopefully will be done this week. First I need to make my husband’s annual photo calendar, which is generally a Christmas present, but this year will be a birthday present.

And he actually HAS a birthday this year (Feb. 29), so I planned it that way all along. Yeah, that’s it. It’ll be extra special. Um, if I get it done by his birthday next Monday. Ack.

P.S. In my desk-cleaning adventure, I also figured out how to hard-boot my printer (on the left side of my desk). Apparently, this particular model (Brother MFC-J6920DW) has a habit of wanting to shut down all the time. But a reboot fixed it. Let me know if you have this model and need instructions.

P.S.S. Next up I need to tackle the sticky-notes on that computer hutch. And a couple sets of shelves you can’t see in the photo. But trust me, they need help.

Clean Desk
Jane’s amazingly clean desk | Jane Boursaw Photo



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