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Peninsula Fire Board Minutes March 7 – Fire Chief Discussed

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Regular Meeting
March 7, 2016

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.
Present: Avery; Andrus; Atkinson; Sprenger, Chair; Goode. Also present is Mary Ann Abbott, Recording Secretary.
Absent: Ball (excused)

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Approve Agenda
Sprenger would like to add two items to the Regular Agenda Business #5. Budget Update and #6. Fire Engine Intake Pump Valve Replacement

MOTION: Sprenger/Atkinson to approve the agenda with additions. PASSED UNAN

Brief Citizen Comments for items not on the Agenda. None
Conflict of Interest. None

Consent Agenda
Any member of the Board, staff, or the public may ask that any item on the Consent Agenda be removed and placed elsewhere on the agenda for full discussion.

1. Reports and Announcements (as provided in packet)
A. Fire Chiefs Reports
1. Run Report for February
2. Staffing schedule for March
3. Hours worked by employee for February
4. Review of unpaid bills and recommend for approval to Town Board
5. Review of accounts receivable for medical transports and utility services
B. Finance Committee Report (Ball/Atkinson) Budget Review
C. Long Range Plan Committee (Atkinson/Ball)
D. Personnel Committee (Ball/Sprenger)
2. Correspondence (as provided in packet)
3. Edit lists of invoices (recommend approval)
4. Meeting Minutes. February 1, 2016 Regular Meeting (recommend approval) February 18, 2016 Special Meeting (recommend approval)

MOTION: Sprenger/Andrus to approve the consent agenda. PASSED UNAN


1. Fire Chief Discussion. Sprenger After last meeting he went to City Fire Chief Jim Tuller and asked that they provide services for first alarm response as well as any help with calls. Sprenger discussed the formation of a committee consisting of Correia, Weatherholt, Witkop Sprenger and one other board member to come up with short term and long-term recommendations to both the Fire Board and Town Board.

Consensus of the Fire Board was to maintain with Chief Tuller until this new committee comes back with a recommendation. Andrus questioned if we should have a contract drawn up. Sprenger has been in touch with Township Attorney and will get information back to the board.

2. Safe Boat Resolution (Andrus). Sprenger At the February 18, 2016 meeting there was a resolution presented by Andrus that needs to be added correctly.

SAFE BOAT RESOLUTION. On this day of March 7th, 2016 the below signed members of the Fireboard herby state that the safe boat should not be sold at this time. The Fire Board sees the safe boat as a vital part of the Fire Department and a proven asset to the community. To sell the safe boat would be cost prohibitive to the Township.

MOTION: Atkinson/Andrus that we accept the language of the Safe Boat Resolution.
Roll Call Vote: Goode-No; Sprenger-Yes; Atkinson-Yes; Andrus-Yes

3. 2016-2017 Budget Meetings Discussion. Discussion over the presented 2016-2017 requested budget.

MOTION: Andrus/Atkinson to approve pay increases of 4% across the board for Fire Department employees. Roll Call Vote: Goode-Yes; Sprenger-Yes; Atkinson-Yes; Andrus-Yes PASSED UNAN

4. Fire Department Long Range Plan Committee Update. Sprenger announced a long-range planning committee consisting of Fire Board and Town Board members to continue the forward motion on where they are going. This committee will consist of Correia, Weatherholt, Witkop, Sprenger and Atkinson.

5. Budget Update Increase. This information was covered under discussion for item 3.

6. Fire Engine Intake Pump Valve Replacement. Sprenger The electronic intake valve on Engine #2 has a malfunction. Three quotes were obtained.

MOTION: Sprenger/Andrus to approve the quote for Apollo Fire for the task force tip ball and tank valve for $1449.00. PASSED UNAN

Citizen Comments. None
Board Comments. None

MOTION: Atkinson/Sprenger to adjourn at 7:19 P.M. PASSED UNAN

Respectfully submitted by Mary Ann Abbott, Recording Secretary.

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