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Park Commission March 2 Minutes – Ridgewood Trail Herbicide Approved

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March 2, 2016

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.
PRESENT: Shipman, Sanders, Griffiths and Skurski
ALSO PRESENT: Bob Wilkinson, Buildings and Grounds; Ginger Schultz, Lighthouse Manager and Deb Hamilton, Recording Secretary
ABSENT: Andrus (excused)

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Sanders asked to remove Item G from Business

MOTION: Shipman/Griffiths to approve agenda as amended. MOTION PASSED



A. Correspondence (as provided in packet)

B. Approve Minutes – 1. February 3, 2016 Regular Meeting

C. Treasurer’s Report

D. Invoice List Approval

MOTION: Shipman/Skurski to approve consent agenda as presented. MOTION PASSED


A. Lighthouse Manager’s Report. Ginger Schultz, Lighthouse Manager, gave report.

MOTION: Griffiths/Shipman to replace front stairs, decking and railing at Lighthouse. MOTION PASSED

MOTION: Griffiths/Shipman to pay $400 for Old Mission Peninsula map printing. MOTION PASSED

1. Credit card machine. No discussion.

B. Maintenance Report

1. Autumn Olive treatment. Bruce Summers, 8925 Sunset West, Ridgewood Trailhead adopter, explained what autumn olive is and how to get rid of it. Summers asked the Park Commission to pay for the herbicide. Sanders asked what season is best to do this. Summers said start in the spring (April). Wilkinson asked if the herbicide has a restricted use. Summers said no. Griffiths asked if the chipping or burning is a problem. Summers said no. Shipman asked where a good place to put the brush is. Summers said if chipping in the open space. Shipman asked if using a vehicle on trail. Summers said yes. Griffiths suggested contacting McClatchey and Chown for help from the Boy Scouts. Sanders said she will call the conservation district about the application. The State will also be contacted about the project.

MOTION: Shipman/Griffiths to approve the purchase 2.5 gallon container of herbicide subject to confirmation of safety. MOTION PASSED

2. Tennis court nets. Sanders said not ordered yet and need to approve for next year’s budget.

MOTION: Skurski/Griffiths to approve additional $527 shipping charges of benches. MOTION PASSED

C. Budget Review Information. Skurski reviewed budget. The budget was basically accepted. $65,000 will be coming from the Township. Shipman asked about fund balances. She feels like a year is missing. Skurski will look to it. Sanders said at the final budget meeting on Monday, the Township said as long as the Park Commission continues to do long range planning it will not be a problem coming to Township for unforeseen items. Shipman said she is concerned about using Lighthouse money anywhere else when there are large projects at the Lighthouse that should have priority.

D. RFP review and signature for 3/10 public posting; site survey 3/17. Sanders and Reardon have been working on the RFP with SHPO. Sanders said need a motion to move forward tonight. Submissions are due March 31, 2106 at 4:00 p.m.

MOTION: Skurski/Shipman to have RFP released on March 10, 2016, walk through on March 17, 2016 and submissions due March 31, 2016 at 4:00 p.m. MOTION PASSED

E. 5 year site survey for Park expansion grants from MI DNR. Sanders said there are three projects through grant funds – Haserot Beach expansion, Bowers Harbor Park and another Bowers Harbor Park project. Every five years the DNR requests the Park Commission does its own survey on project compliancy. It will be reviewed and signed and back to the State.

F. Log Cabin Day – OMPHS. Laura Johnson, 3464 Kroupa Rd., Historical Society, would like to hold Log Cabin Day on June 26, 2016. Johnson reviewed the event. Application was submitted and requested fee to be waived.

MOTION: Shipman/Skurski to approve the Historical Society to use grounds of the Lighthouse on June 26, 2016. The event is 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (set-up starts at 8:00 a.m.), waive fee and for Historical Society to receive proceeds during the hours of 11:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m. MOTION PASSED

G. Adopters/Adoptors Report. Griffiths explained the adopters program.

I. Lighthouse Front steps/railing contracting. See Item A. above.

J. 2016 TC Triathlon Request. Shipman reviewed request. Request to move the finish back to Bowers Harbor Park because of distance from start and transition area. Having the finish at Pavilion 1 provides shade and a water source for the participants. Fire Chief also feels Pavilion 1 is a better place to assist participates at the end of the race. Shipman asked the Park Commission to consider the request. The request also will be going to the Township Board for approval.

MOTION : Shipman/Griffiths to approve the 2016 TC Triathlon Request. MOTION PASSED

K. Open Water Swim August 28, 2016. Courtney Greening, 536 West 7th Street, Traverse City, Event Director said last year the event was successful. Tim Schinder at DNR has approved use of Old Moorings for parking. A special marine permit will be filed for use of that water space. Last year Sheriff was present on the water and three of the event water craft and may have one more. Sanders asked that there is no standing on the dock and respect personal property boundaries.

MOTION: Griffiths/Skurski to approve the Open Water Swim event. MOTION PASSED

L. Approve Pelizzari Signage. Shipman said working on approved signage for PNA spearheaded by Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy. Skurski asked to have the contact number for the Sheriff, Township and management concerns (GTRLC). Sanders asked about the Handicap Accessible sticker on the sign. Shipman said she will check with DEQ if the due car plan allows for mechanized ADA compliment vehicles.

MOTION: Shipman/Skurski to go ahead and have signs printed with changes and the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy covering the cost. MOTION PASSED

M. Bowers Harbor Park Expansion discussion and Committee. Sanders said the Township will be having joint meeting with the Park Commission in April. At that meeting a sub-committee will be appointed (two members of the Park Commission and two members of the Township Board). The draft plan will be revisited and there will be township residents input. Sanders asked for comments to be address to her.

N. Long Range Planning. Skurski said during the budget meetings there was discussion about a wants and needs list. Skurski prepared list of wants and needs. A true capital plan needs to be put together. Sanders thanked Skurski and asked Skurski to send the list to the Township Board. Shipman said the parks five year plan has expired. The plan needs to be looked at and go back to the public. Griffiths would like to poll the public.

Citizen Comments. Wilkinson spoke about community input.
Board Comments – None

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted,
Deb Hamilton, Recording Secretary

These minutes stand to be approved at the April 6, 2016 Meeting.

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