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A while back, we noticed that the roof on Dave Edmondson’s barn at the corner of Center and Island View Roads had started to cave in. Now it looks like they’re taking the barn down. Which is probably a safe option, if they’re not planning to rebuild, so it doesn’t fall in on some unsuspecting person.

I’m not sure who owned this barn before Dave (known as “Dozer Dave” around our house, because we borrowed his dozer when we were building this house, and the first-born – who’s now 21 – was super enthralled with that piece of machinery).

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Anyway, maybe a McManus? Someone tell us in the comments below if you know the history.

Also, if you look close at the barn, it’s very old school, in that the beams are all pegged together with no nails. I guess that was probably the norm way back when. It’s a very cool barn, but sadly, sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to try and salvage these old structures when they start to crumble.

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  1. The farm was a Carroll farm. Mabel lived there when I came to the Peninsula. I can’t remember her husband’s name. Their son Ray,( who was once a township supervisor) and his wife Billie, lived in the little house next door, where the Ryan and Shannon DeMarsh now.live.

    • Thank you for the note, Wendy. I didn’t realize that was a Carroll farm. I went to school with Pat Carroll, who lived a few houses down, towards Holman’s. He had a brother, though I’m not remembering his name now.

    • I haven’t heard. I know someone was looking for barn wood on the NextDoor group, so maybe they’ll be able to use it. I supposed old barn wood like that would be great for all sorts of projects, big and small.


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