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Township/Fire Board Joint Meeting Feb. 9 Minutes – Fire/EMS Services Discussed

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Special Joint Meeting with the Township Board & the Fire Board and Regular Township Board Meeting
February 9, 2016

Meeting called to order at 6:00 p.m.

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Roll Call

Township Board: Correia, Rosi, Weatherholt, Hoffman, Byron and Avery
Fire Board: Sprenger, Atkinson, Goode and Ball
Absent: Witkop (excused) & Andrus (excused)
Also Present: Chief Steve Ronk, Fire Department, Peter Wendling, (arrived at 6:45 p.m.) Township Attorney; Michelle Reardon, Director of Planning and Zoning (arrived at 7:00 p.m.) and Deb Hamilton, Recording Secretary

Approve Agenda

Township Board:

MOTION: Hoffman/Byron to approve the agenda as presented. MOTION PASSED

Fire Board:

MOTION: Ball/Atkinson to approve the agenda as presented. MOTION PASSED

Brief Citizen Comments – for items not on the Agenda

Donna Hornberger, 6730 Mission Ridge, President of Peninsula Community Library and Planning Commissioner, spoke about the possible closing of Old Mission Elementary School.

Conflict of Interest

Township Board: None

Fire Board: None

Joint Township Board & Fire Board Business:

ISO Continued Discussion:

Chief Ronk said the goal is to update and improve Fire/EMS services within Peninsula Township. An increase of the Fire Department millage is required to accomplish the identified goals. Staffing will cost $1,650,000 – mil equivalent 2.54 annually, apparatus will cost $2,500,000 – mil equivalent .40 for 10 years and facilities will cost $5,000,000 – mil equivalent .40 for 20 yrs for a total of 3.34 mils. Correia said neighboring townships’ mil rates vary from 2.2 to 4.0 (some are fire and medical but some are just fire).

Avery said he wants to know dollar figures not just the mils. Hoffman asked if the added staff will be paramedics. Chief said would be able to provide ALS. Byron asked what land would be used for new stations. Sprenger said most is PDR. There are some privately owned parcels. There was discussion about locations and availability of water and sewer. Sprenger said he checked with North Flight about providing the ALS portion (one Paramedic at each station) the rough number is $350,000 to $500,000 a year for personnel only. Hoffman said Witkop also mentioned that since the Township has a $20,000 limit on contract should this go out for a RFP. Sprenger said it has been mentioned to Metro and could talk to Blair Township. Ball said City is the only answer for ALS. Metro does not have the paramedics and North Flight would have to be added. The agreement with City would be similar to the airport contract.

Sprenger said on top of two paramedics the Township would gain their command structure, administration, building inspector and education. Ball said the medical part could be done within 30 days. It is just the matter of getting the contract. Goode said if the Township gets ALS in 30 days we will find out if they are good partners. Sprenger said 2016-2017 budget needs to be done but part of it is which way we are going with this. Weatherholt asked if the Fire Board has decided which way to go. Sprenger said talked about it for the first time at the last Fire Board meeting. Byron asked if contracting out everything has been looked at and going out of the Fire Department business. Ball said it is common to do it the way proposed. Byron said need to continue to meet on this topic.

Safe Boat:

Correia said the question is can the Township sell the boat. Wendling said the State Police are interested in the boat. The State Police said they know the FEMA rules and there is not a problem selling the boat. The State Police has a narrow time line to purchase the boat. There is concern whether there would be adverse consequences in the future if the Township would want other grants. At this point Wendling has not gotten to the individuals he needs to talk to at FEMA. Reardon will get information to Wendling that is not classified so Wendling can talk to the individuals who have the authority. Wendling hopes to have the answer to the Board in writing by the March board meeting. Ball said if contract with the City there would be an interest in the boat. The Township has invested a lot of time and money in training for the boat.

Hoffman asked about scheduling more meetings. There was consensus to meet before the Township Board meetings and the Fire Board meeting.

MOTION: Atkinson/Sprenger to adjourn Fire Board at 6:59 p.m. MOTION PASSED

Consent Agenda for Township Board:

1. Reports and Announcements (as provided in packet)
A. Officers – Clerk, Supervisor (January and February), Treasurer
B. Departmental – Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, Attorney, Engineer, Library, Fire Board, Park Commission and Township Deputy.
2. Correspondence
3. Edit lists of invoices and additions
4. Meeting Minutes
January 14, 2016 Special Meeting
January 14, 2016 Special Joint Planning Commission, ZBA and Township Board Meeting
(recommend approval)
5. January 2016 Payroll (recommend approval)
6. Friends of the Library Sign Request (recommend approval)
7. First Congregational Church Sign Request (recommend approval). Byron asked about Verizon invoice. Hoffman said she will look into it. Rosi had correction on the “Sickerman” should be “Sickterman”, “project” should be “protect” and add “to” to “he would like look at options.”

MOTION: Weatherholt/Rosi to approve the Consent Agenda as amended.

Roll Call Vote: Rosi-yes, Weatherholt-yes, Correia-yes, Hoffman-yes, Byron-yes and Avery-yes. MOTION PASSED


Bowers Harbor Vineyard (BHV) Ordinance Amendment Request:

Reardon said Linda Stegenga sent a letter requesting a new ordinance to accommodate their business.
This the last option before enforcement. Exceptions to the ordinance cannot be provided. Keep in mind any new ordinance would be available to everyone. Hoffman said at the November meeting the Board decided to not change the definition of season for roadside stands. Options have been discussed with BHV. Rosi asked why BHV cannot continue to be a non-conforming legal use. Wendling said because it was not legal to begin with. The state of the law is that regardless of the fact that BHV was able to violate the ordinance they do not come in with equity because BHV has been able to do something they have been otherwise been forbidden to do. The law is in the favor of the Township. The Township could end up losing that portion of the ordinance if the violation continues because now the Township knows BHV is in violation.

TBA ISD and Peninsula Township Agreement for Collection of Summer School Property Taxes:

Byron asked if the Township can say TBA ISD should collect their taxes. Weatherholt said the County will do it for them. Rosi questioned the wording of the agreement. Weatherholt explained.

MOTION: Hoffman/Byron to approve Resolution 2016-2-9-#1 and authorize the Clerk, Treasurer and Supervisor to sign.

Roll Call Vote: Weatherholt-yes, Correia-yes, Hoffman-yes, Byron-yes, Avery-yes and Rosi-yes. MOTION PASSED

Appoint Committee for Lighthouse/Gift Shop/Historical Society Donations:

Weatherholt said for years it has been talked about the split for donations collected at lighthouse and the log cabin. A contract is needed for this issue. A committee with a member from the Township Board, Historical Society and Park Commission should be selected. Weatherholt will be the Township Board representative. Historical Society and Park Commission need to select a representative.

Renew Buildings/Grounds Maintenance Contract:

There was discussion about the increase in the per project rate. It was explained that this is an option to extend the contract for a third and/or fourth year.

MOTION: Weatherholt/Hoffman to approve $83,417 for Wilkinson’s contract for April 1, 2016 through March 31, 2017.

Roll Call Vote: Correia-yes, Hoffman-yes, Byron-no, Avery-yes, Rosi-yes and Weatherholt-yes. MOTION PASSED (5-1)

Approval of DPW Budget Amendment:

Correia reviewed documents.

MOTION: Avery/Weatherholt to pay amount.

Roll Call Vote: Hoffman-yes, Byron-yes, Avery-yes, Rosi-yes, Weatherholt-yes and Correia-yes. MOTION PASSED

The 81 on East Bay Update:

Wendling said appellants have asked for leave with Court of Appeals. Wendling will file a brief. The Court will take about three months to decide if they will accept it. Items that have been remanded are:

Proper engineering plans for fire road and County Soil Erosion issue a permit or a letter saying a permit will be issued. Reardon said there is an engineered plan for the fire road. They have been working with the Fire Chief with fire road as well as the fire suppression system. Final grading plans on the lots are also being worked on so the Township’s engineer can sign off on storm water review. There will be a scheduled public hearing on March 15, 2016.

Prosecuting Attorney Letter Update – Peter Wendling

Wendling said Graham responded to original letter from Cooney and called twice but Cooney has not responded.

Citizen Comments:

Anne Griffiths, 14548 Bluff Rd., commented about signs on Little League field score board and banners on the fence during games and land division issue.

Monnie Peters, 1425 Neah-Ta-Wanta Rd., commented about land division issue.

Brit Eaton, 1416 Neah-Ta-Wanta Rd., commented about land division issue.

Anne Griffiths, 14548 Bluff Rd., commented again about land division issue.

Board Comments:

Wendling summarized Graham’s letter to Cooney. Rosi commented about the Township’s Land Division Ordinance and the Land Division Act. It bothers her that the Land Division Ordinance does not require neighbors to be noticed. Byron said her concern is the implication that land owners can say they own the land from the Ordinary High Water Mark to the shoreline. Wendling said the Supreme Court says they do own it.


MOTION: Avery/Weatherholt to adjourn at 9:15 p.m. MOTION PASSED

Respectfully submitted by Deb Hamilton, Recording Secretary
These minutes stand to be approved at the next meeting scheduled for March 15, 2016

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