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Op-Ed – Why the Tree Cutting on Peninsula Drive?

Tree Cutting Peninsula Drive
Tree Cutting on Peninsula Drive | Curt Peterson Photo
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April 15, 2016: Seconds ago, this pine tree was living. Well, Mr. Cook, our County Road Comish head, and Township Peninsula Government, by way of not weighing in (not our problem or responsibility), you’ve allowed the County Road Commission to bulldoze down huge swaths of lake side trees to increase the bike lane? No, not happening.

Have no clue why they cut the trees that help block winter time snow drifts onto Peninsula Dr. and help hold the beach area intact. And they are not increasing the width of the road when they repave. I just don’t get it. This is Amateur hour at county and township government. Just saying, and I actually benefit from an improved road in front of our house, but there are so many roads needing improvements much more so than Peninsula Drive. This was total waste of our/your tax money. Shame on Grand Traverse County and Peninsula Township government. This is amateur hour. Seriously!!!!!

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Oh, and I must add that the people I feel so badly for are homeowners of a house a bit north of Gray Road who have a house on the lake side extremely close to the road. Well, yesterday they cut down all except for one or two trees exempted that shielded them from the road. Shame on the Road Commission. Mr. Cook, you [I can’t say it here] screwed up so badly. Please resign.

Curt Peterson
Peninsula Township
Old Mission Peninsula

Editor’s Note: Here’s another photo of tree-cutting on Peninsula Drive, taken yesterday, April 20, 2016, just south of Devil’s Dive Road.

Tree Cutting Peninsula Drive
Tree Cutting on Peninsula Drive | Jane Boursaw Photo

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  1. I was told last fall when they were marking the trees there would be no widening nor a bike path. They were just taking back the road “right of way”. Bunk!! They’ve destroyed perfectly good trees for what?

  2. The minority with their own agendas (promoting tourism) are getting their way because the vast majority (including myself) do not get involved. We’d see big changes if everyone that shows up in protest of Township actions actually got involved in the running of our township. Wish we could find someone that could help everyone coordinate our efforts in a positive direction.

    • What I’m talking about is active participation in providing direction before decisions are made. Getting people elected to the township and boards that reflect the goals of the majority. It scares me to think what they’re going to have to do to widen Center to safely handle all the traffic. So far the attitude that I’m picking up on is that it is the County Road Commission’s problem. Lots of homes and cemeteries located close to the road that will have to be relocated. Two lanes in each direction is already needed to safely handle traffic from; commuters, winery patrons, various marathons, beach goers, bus tours and let’s not forget the farmers and slow moving equipment. With all the hops being produced on the peninsula it is only a matter of time before there are breweries.

  3. What was the distance needed from the road to be included in this right of way clearance? Our neighborhood had some large trees taken out that are 8 -10 feet from the road. In addition, much of the slash and torn up shoulder area were left in a horrible condition. When is the next township meeting?

  4. I live in the house that is very close to the road that is mentioned in this article, where they cut 17 trees down. I used to live in a house that was sheltered from the road, and now we have lost our privacy. If anyone knows how I can fight this to get back our privacy please let me know. I was in shock when I cam home from work to see what they had done, without any notice and no good reason. This makes me sick to my stomach.


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