Photo of the Day: April 14, 2016 – Vintage Farm Outhouse

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Love an old outhouse (but glad I don’t have to use one!). You don’t see as many of these old farm outhouses these days (the farms are being turned into vineyards or housing developments or whatever), but there’s still a few of them dotting the landscape here and there on the Old Mission Peninsula.

This one is behind Martha Jamieson’s off Bluff Road (Mom and I were two-tracking after church – we can go from the home farm on Center Road just north of Mapleton, all the way to Bluff Road never leaving land farmed by my brothers, Dean and Ward Johnson).

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When I was a kid, there used to be an old outhouse in our orchard behind the Old Mission General Store, but that disappeared ages ago (and we sold that parcel recently to help pay for mom’s elder care – to Vinnie Johnson of Detroit Pistons fame – the orchard’s been cleared, but no house there yet).

Anyway, I love seeing these old outhouses, and especially love that clothesline. I’m determined to put up a clothesline this summer. Why use electricity when there’s so much wind available? Life tips from our ancestors.


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