Photo of the Day: April 28, 2016 – Fisher-People on East Bay

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We really didn’t have much ice-fishing this winter on West Bay and East Bay, so I bet the fisher-people are super happy to be getting in their boats and heading out with all their fishing gear.

On my way to town today, I saw a bunch of vehicles with trailers at the East Bay Boat Launch, so I drove in along East Bay Shore Dr. (ok, that makes it sound like I was putting two and two together, i.e. vehicles with trailers! that means people out fishing! I’ll drive along the bay and see if there’s any boats I can take pictures of! No, it wasn’t that organized; just that one thing led to another) and snapped a photo of some boats out in East Bay.

And don’t they look all springy with the daffodils along the road?

Bay View Insurance of Traverse City Michigan



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