Photo of the Day: May 12, 2016 – There’s a Giant Parrot at Square Deal

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I stopped into Square Deal on Woodmere Ave. the other day, and there’s a giant parrot there to greet everyone. I believe his or her name is Mystique. There’s also a cat, and they seem to get along really well.

While I was taking a few photos of Mystique, he or she kept turning her head upside down. Then I’d take the camera down, and the head would go upright again. Is that a Parrot Thing? Either way, it’s really cool to walk in and see that giant parrot there. And Mystique has all sorts of fun toys, like this swing:

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parrot, square deal
Mystique, the Square Deal Parrot | Jane Boursaw Photo

Oh, and by the way, Square Deal has the best deal I’ve found in Traverse City for black-oiled sunflower seeds for my birdies. Twenty bucks for a 50-pound bag.

Oh, and here’s the cat, who looks like he couldn’t give a flying fig about Mystique and the fun toys.

Square Deal, Cat, Parrot
Square Deal Cat | Jane Boursaw Photo

Bay View Insurance of Traverse City Michigan


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