Photo of the Day: May 27, 2016 – Grayhaven’s Tennis Court on Smokey Hollow Road

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On the north end of Smokey Hollow Road, just before you turn the corner and go up the little hill towards Old Mission Road, if you look left, you’ll see a stone stairway that goes … nowhere.

In fact, there’s an ancient tennis court up there in the woods, which belonged to Grayhaven across the road – now known as Stonewall Inn. I grew up around the corner on Old Mission Road, and sometimes we’d ride our bikes over there and bat a tennis ball around when no one was looking (or so we thought – I’m sure the Grayhaven people were well aware).

It’s an amazing testament to whomever built that stone stairway that it’s still there after I don’t know how many years. At least 60 or 70, and I’m sure more. If you know when that stairway was built, tell us in the comments below. And whether there’s actually a ghost in the Stonewall Inn. And who it might be.

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