Photo of the Day: May 4, 2016 – Eagle at Neahtawanta

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Each week driving to and from yoga at Neahtawanta, I check the trees along the water for a pair of gorgeous eagles that hang around up there looking for supper. Tonight I was lucky to see one. Pulled the car over, got out and walked right underneath the tree, and this guy let me take his picture for about 30 seconds before flying off in a big swoop. I haven’t yet mastered the skill of photographing flying birds, but I’m working on it.


  1. I pass their tree every day & always look to see if they are there. It is so cool to have them right in our back yard.

  2. I tend to see eagles regularly in Bowers Harbor until it gets crowded with boats and people. And maybe the fishing is not as good later on. I wonder whether they nest near Pyatt Lake. But they could be nesting in Leelanau County … it only takes them abut 3-4 minutes to fly over here.


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