Photo of the Day: May 9, 2016 – Swaney Lake Water Levels

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The water levels around the Old Mission Peninsula are super high right now. Meaning, if you walk along any beach, you’ll notice that there’s a lot less beach and a lot more water.

But that also applies to the lakes on the Peninsula, like Swaney Lake in the village of Old Mission. Here’s a photo I took from Swaney Road a couple days ago (just around the corner coming from Center Road), and you can see the water is creeping towards the road.

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We have our own way of measuring the water level. There’s a giant rock on our beach, and when we first bought the property and built the house, you could actually jump off that rock and into the water.

That was about 25 years ago, and the water has only been that high a few times. Right now, you can’t jump off the rock into the water (well, not head first anyway), but the water is lapping up against the rock. Thus, Tim and Jane’s completely unscientific way of measuring the water levels on East Bay.


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