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Here’s one minute of sweet cherry blossoms from a Johnson Farms orchard. We’ve always called this orchard “The Colerick Place,” because I guess it was owned by Colericks before the Johnson’s bought it a gazillion years ago.

I knew Elgin Colerick, but don’t recall his parents. They lived north of the house where my dad was born (literally, he was born on the dining room table, as he so loved to remind us when we were all gathered around it for Thanksgiving dinner). “The Old House” was across from the home barn, just north of Mapleton on Center Road, but the house burned down in 1964.

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We had a cooling pad there until the new one was built at the bottom of the hill. Good thing, because that old cooling pad was on a blind curve and had zero visibility when big trucks pulled out full of cherry tanks. Someone always had to run across the road and signal that there was no traffic coming. I know this because I ran the cooling pad for a time back in the 1980s (and listened to the wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles on the radio – but I’ll save that for another post).



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