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I posted a video of sweet cherry blossoms here. Now here’s one minute of tart cherry blossoms, which blossom shortly after the sweets.

This was taken in the tart block on my family’s “home farm,” just north of Mapleton. So if you go through Mapleton, then go about another half-mile, you’ll see the big barn on the right-hand side of the road on the curve of a little hill. That earned it the name Crescent Hill Fruit Farms, though now they just call it Johnson Farms, for the most part.

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Go past the barn, and you’ll see a block of tart cherries on the right side of the road that sweeps down into the valley. When I tried shooting the video at the top near the road, there were too many car noises. So this was taken at the bottom of the orchard, and we get wind noises instead. Still working on my video skills.


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