Vincent Price, Book of Joe
The Book of Joe by Vincent Price

Attention all dog lovers! “The Book of Joe: About a Dog and His Man” by Vincent Price is a sweet and funny tribute to Vincent Price’s mutt Joe and the importance that man’s best friend has in its person’s life.

Through his funny and candid memories, Mr. Price captures the greatness and individuality of a good dog and the at times crazy bond and personification that people form with their canine pets.

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Mr. Price’s anecdotes about Joe, along with his personable writing voice, allow the reader to feel like they are sitting with the author in his California hills home listening to him talk fondly about his beloved dog. I enjoyed seeing into the life of Mr. Price and how he viewed life with his dogs, especially Joe.

Anyone who loves dogs will cherish this wonderful memoir, and those who claim they are not “dog people” may change their minds!

Buy “The Book of Joe” on Amazon.

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