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Master Plan Workshop Scheduled for Monday, June 27

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The Peninsula Township Master Plan Sub-Committee, comprised of Planning Commissioners Monnie Peters and Laura Serocki, are having a work session Monday, June 27 at 3 p.m. in the conference room at the Township Offices at 13235 Center Road.

The Peninsula Township Master Plan – read the 2011 Master Plan here – is an active document that encompasses goals and objectives of the Old Mission Peninsula community. From the 2011 Master Plan:

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“By establishing a vision of the future and including strategies to achieve that vision, the Master Plan promotes a future land use pattern that is consistent with the community’s long-range goals. The information and concepts presented in the Master Plan are used to guide local decisions regarding public and private uses of land. Although the Plan is a guide book that is long range in its nature, it is also considered a living document. Master Plans can be updated in three to five (3-5) year cycles. Updates or amendments to the Plan are performed as a means of maintaining the Township’s awareness of the latest planning issues. It also allows the community to again develop and take a position on how to best guide future land usage over the next ten to twenty (10-20) years.”

The purpose of Monday’s meeting is to discuss possible changes to the current Master Plan. Data collected over the last few months indicates that Peninsula Township has not changed dramatically. The population is marginally older, with marginally fewer “under 18-year-olds” per household. The data still supports the current Master Plan; however, a few changes such as school enrollment, warrant more discussion and possible amendments, including:

  • Add more about school/library/community center: its continued existence and the Old Mission Peninsula School property.
  • Better mapping, updated maps, online maps.
  • Change in Future Land Use Map for area around Old Mission Estates and Buchan Blueberry Farm (the workshop packet – download it here – includes a written proposal sent to Monica Hoffman, Township Clerk, from Curt Peterson, dated May 4, 2016).
  • Expand the 8th Goal (“Enhance Communications Within Peninsula Township”). Ideas included renewing the newsletter and devising ways to better use the website, email, etc.
  • If you’re planning to attend the workshop, review the current Master Plan. The focus of the discussion will be specific changes needed to the current Plan, not changes needed in Zoning.


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