Photo of the Day: June 2, 2016 – Indian Cemetery in Old Mission

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The makeshift sign says Lakewood Cemetery, but we’ve always known this little cemetery back in the woods in Old Mission as the Indian Cemetery.

If you go by Haserot Beach around the corner, and past the Old Mission Resort road (Forest Avenue), the next right will take you back into the woods towards the cemetery, which is on the left side of the two-track woods path (you can drive there, and there’s even a little area where you can park off the path).

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Some of the names on the gravestones here include Bagley, Parmalee, Schetterly, Hill, Parker and Peticolas, along with several unmarked graves.

I shot some video, but the mosquitoes were swarming me, so the video is pretty shaky. I might have to get back in there on a windy day, but I’ll try and post some video of this little cemetery soon.



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