Jane’s World: #RealityWednesday – Sometimes the Christmas Presents Get Done in June

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Every year for Christmas, I make my husband Tim a photo calendar of photos from that year. It’s a great little visual diary of our year together – birthdays, gatherings, life events, road trips and the like. I’ve been doing it for about the past 15 years or so.

It takes a while to put together, because I need to sift through hundreds, ok thousands, of photos and pick out memorable ones to include in the calendar. So, really, I need to set aside a whole day to do it, which if you read last week’s #RealityWednesday, is sometimes a challenge to do.

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I was pretty good at getting the calendar done in time to wrap and put under the tree – up until Christmas 2014. That one didn’t get done until … February, I think. So I gave it to Tim for his birthday on Feb. 29 (or 28, whichever it was that year).

But things really took a dive for the Christmas 2015 calendar. I just didn’t get to it. So I figured, ok, I’ll get it done in time to give to him for Valentine’s Day or his birthday. Nope. February went by, then March, April and May.

With Father’s Day looming right around the corner, I finally set my mind to getting the calendar done and ordered in time to get here. I usually do it through VistaPrint, but they wouldn’t let me go back to January 2016, so I ended up with Shutterfly, which is a great site with lots of options for page layouts, etc. Plus, they had a 50 percent off coupon that expired on June 7 – extra incentive – so I got that calendar done and ordered at 11 p.m. on June 6.

I’m really glad I didn’t let a year go by without doing the calendar, because a ton of things happened in 2015. Daughter Marissa graduated from high school, turned 18, started college at NMC, and got a great job at Chateau Chantal. Son Will got his Associates degree from NMC and transferred to MSU. That was also the year of The Great Kayak Rescue, the year we met one of our favorite actors, Stephen Lang, had our annual Boursaw reunion, Mom and I picked up a special hitchhiker, finally got the woodstove project underway, and so much more.

So I guess this is all to say that sometimes things don’t always happen when you plan for them to happen. And that’s ok. They’ll get done when they get done. And since the calendar always includes our “Annual Church Photo” – a picture of the four of us on the steps of the Old Mission Congregational Church where we got married in 1993 – and since that photo didn’t happen until the summer of 2015 (too late to be in the 2016 calendar), I guess it all worked out.

This should be my signal to start putting photos into a special Calendar 2017 file. I’ll see how that goes and report back. First we have to get our Annual Church Photo done. You know, before Will leaves for MSU in August.

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