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3 Things to Know About the August 2 Primary Election

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Peninsula Township Hall | Jane Boursaw Photo
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The August 2 Primary Election is right around the corner. In a few short weeks, Old Mission Peninsula residents will be voting on items that will chart the course of the future for the Peninsula. Here are three things to know about the upcoming election:

1. This year, the election for Peninsula Township Board members essentially will be decided at the August 2nd Primary Election. Both the incumbents and challengers are running on the Republican side of the ballot. There are no Democratic challengers running for Township Board positions. In short, don’t wait for November to vote.

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2. You cannot cross Party lines during a Primary Election, not even to vote for State, County, or other elected offices, such as Park Commissioners. You must vote only ONE PARTY or your ballot is invalidated and will not be counted.

3. For absentee ballot voting, many absentee ballots are deemed invalid because they are not properly signed on the outside. Consider hand delivering your ballot to the Township Clerk’s Office and confirm that your signature is valid. If you have already submitted your absentee ballot and want to change your vote, you can do so by going to the Township Clerk’s Office, asking to have your ballot “spoiled,” and requesting a new one.

If you have any questions, contact Monica Hoffman, Peninsula Township Clerk, (231) 223-7321, or email [email protected].


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