Photo of the Day: July 14, 2016 – Geraniums at Old Mission Congregational Church

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We had our annual “church photo” taken at Old Mission Congregational Church (you know, the one we usually take on our anniversary on December 31, but the past few years couldn’t get everyone together on that day so end up taking it in the summer).

My mom, Mary Johnson, used to take the photo, but she hasn’t been up to it the past few years, so my nephew Ryan Johnson (my brother Ward’s son) – who is also mom’s caregiver – drives her down to the church so she can watch as we gather on the church steps and Ryan takes the photo. Yes, it’s all very exciting. And these days, getting my kids, 19 and 21, and us at the church at the same time is a major miracle!

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Anyway, here’s a photo of the beautiful geraniums on the church steps. It is such a beautiful little church, and if I didn’t have a lifelong connection to my church, Old Mission Peninsula United Methodist Church, I would likely be at this historic little church on Sundays.

(You may wonder why we didn’t get married at the Methodist church – Tim was raised Catholic and his family goes to St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, so the Old Mission church seemed like a nice middle ground, especially since we both grew up within a half-mile of this church.)

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