Jane’s World: #RealityWednesday – That Brief Shining Moment When All the Laundry is Done

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My friend Kathy Gibbons, who I used to write features for when she was on staff with the Traverse City Record-Eagle, wrote a great column years ago about a green shirt. That poor shirt just never seemed to find its way into the washing machine and through the laundry system.

Load after load of laundry, and the green shirt was left out of the reindeer games. Maybe a load of towels came first. Or maybe a load of really grimy stuff had to get washed. So the green shirt sat there day after day, waiting for its moment of glory. I’m not sure how the story of the green shirt ended. Maybe Kathy can weigh in on whether it finally found its way into that coveted washer.

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I’m in charge of the laundry around here, and I can sympathize with the green shirt. With four people in the house, a lot of laundry gets shuffled through the washer and dryer. There are points where getting caught up is just a pipe dream. And yet, I persevere.

If you find yourself in this situation, I’m here to offer support and encouragement. Keep up the good fight, and one day, you too will experience that brief shining moment like I just had. A bare laundry room floor. Yes, all the laundry is done. It might not last long, but it can happen, and oh, the stories you’ll tell your grandchildren about it.

And remember when I posted that photo of my messy laundry room shelves? I want you to know that sometimes things do get tidy around here. Here’s the proof.

Laundry, Laundry Room
Jane’s Tidy Laundry Room Shelves | Jane Boursaw Photo


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