Jane’s World: #RealityWednesday – What Are All These Keys For?

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(Editor’s Note: There are no carefully curated photos or stories in my #RealityWednesday columns – you get the real deal; the good, the bad and the ugly. – JB)

I guess at some point there probably won’t be so many keys in the world. We’re already getting to a point where you can open things digitally or push-button combo or even by scanning your eye like they do in James Bond movies.

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But in this household, we’re pretty far away from that world, save for the few British sports cars with push-button starters in the back lot that may or may not ever drive again, much less start.

When I was a kid, my parents had a junk drawer in the kitchen filled with all sorts of little trinkets a farm household might need, including keys to who knows what. We don’t have a kitchen drawer in this household (here’s why), but we do have a set of shelves that serve the same purpose. Anything we can’t find a home for goes there, including the keys in the above photo.

Let’s see … some of those keys are pretty straightforward. We know one is a house key, because it says so right there. And there’s a Volkswagen key (does that say “yes”? what the heck does that mean?) and a Jeep key, likely to cars that were sent to Gene’s Auto Parts for scrap years ago. We currently drive a 1998 Jeep (we prefer to only drive cars from the last century), but the only Volkswagen we own is in a shed providing a great home for a community of mice.

Oh, I do see a Subaru key in the photo. I know that’s current, because we’ve only ever owned one Subie, and it belongs to our daughter (and it’s from this century – yay!). So that’s obviously a spare key (which could come in very handy, based on some of my past experiences – thank you, Northwest Lock).

I’m very curious about that clunky key in the upper right corner, and also that tiny key sort of in the middle. Hmmm … I wonder what those unlock… But the rest of the keys? Who knows?!

Got a junk drawer? A Ball jar full of mystery keys? Share your key stories in the comments below. 



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